When Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Infuse

I was honored to be recently invited to join a panel hosted by Aquent on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the marketing profession. And as I am often asked about this topic, in the spirit of sharing, here are some of my thoughts. Chat-bots, virtual agents, robotics – oh my. I am often asked… Read More »

Cognitive Couture: The woven fabric of Fashion and Technology

Twelve perfect dresses floated down the runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Each created with absolute confidence in the season’s colors and styles. Each were deliciously created with the creative genius of Jason Grech, and augmented by IBM Watson. Technology is an enabler of talent – a way of augmenting the creative talent of professionals… Read More »

Outthink Trauma on National PTSD Awareness Month

Last week was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day, with the entire month of June dedicated to PTSD Awareness generally. Whilst acknowledged in the US, by US Senate, it is no less relevant in Australia. On the 28th June, I had the opportunity to join my colleagues, Scott Bradford, Stefan Harrer, Nick Kwiatkowski and… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence transforming the way we live

It has taken me time to warm to the notion of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Slightly sceptical, and not at all happy about the concept of robots taking human roles. But this year I have been working on a project which has created a need for me to hang out with IBM’s NAO Robots, and… Read More »

Customer Experience transformation in the Insurance Industry

When you think of insurance what comes to mind ? Personally, for me, it is about statements , impersonal call centre conversations, and engagements with repair staff following a car accident . However slowly this is changing. One of my favourite apps, Bupa Switch, allows my family to make better decisions, swapping out food brands… Read More »

Leading a Talented Team

I am privileged to lead a team who make me proud every day. They strive for success, look for outcomes that rock, they collaborate across vast team structures and they constantly look for opportunities to continue to grow and develop. And they make me laugh constantly, even if it is at my own expense …..… Read More »

Educating our Children in a Data Driven World

The school shoes are shined, the uniforms clean and ironed. The new year of school smiles are sparkly and refreshed. This year, my daughter Olivia starts year 8 with aspirations to be an author, artist and an activist. My son Roman starts year 6 with aspirations to one day play soccer for Manchester United, and… Read More »

Leadership in times of stress

Happy January everyone!! It’s week three of the year , and for some of you this may mean that the summer holidays have become a distant memory, the tan has started to fade and the coffee intake has started to increase. For many of my clients and partners, January can also mean returning to work… Read More »

Castaway to Islands of Insight

Castaway Island, Fiji An island paradise gently positioned in the Pacific Ocean, a resort consistently voted, by tourists, as one of the best islands in Fiji. I have visited Fiji numerous times, and Castaway is definitely one of my family’s favorite. And when you break down what works for Castaway, there are three key themes… Read More »

It’s a wrap: The results of “a partnership by design”

In September, I shared the vision for the IBM and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week innovation partnership. Now that the year is coming to a close it is time to share with you the results of our partnership by design. If you recall, the objectives for the partnership were to deliver digital experiences to improve engagement,… Read More »