The Art of Possible: Technology transforming Fashion 2014

By | August 29, 2014

Delighting your customer through amazing and even unexpected experiences is core to strong brand and customer engagement strategies. With the rapid transformation of social and mobile technologies and big data all provided in a secure way on the cloud, it has never before been easier – and more complex!

It’s particularly interesting to dive into how these technologies are changing the face of fashion – or more specifically the retail industry. For the fashion industry it’s all about how to bring brands closer to the customer, allow them to experience the fashion and the creativity of the designer, and be able to buy in the way in which they were most comfortable – from run way and store, to at home and online, on any device.

Global designers and retailers are allowing you to not just see one dimensional pictures of clothes on an online catalogue, but to see the flow of fabric and how it fits to your body by incorporating YouTube videos or live streaming directly from the run way.

Retailers like David Jones have been through this transformation adding “clicks” to their bricks and mortar experience [Video]. David Jones are providing a complete omni-channel experience by allowing customers to, as an example place an order on their computer, make changes via their tablet devise, and going in store to make changes, all whilst being assured of the same brand experience.

Customers can now even buy online and pick up the product in store, in an offering which is exceeded all expectations in customer demand. And as we look globally we see retailers enabling customers to scan their items via their mobile and check out all whilst in store.

When IBM and Melbourne City Council made the decision to partner together for Melbourne Fashion Week, the decision was extremely easy.