The art of Discomfort

By | September 7, 2015

In one hour I was inspired. Taking time out to stop, and listen to one of IBM’s youngest Vice Presidents, Inhi Cho Suh, share with a group of Women in IT, a story on her career advancement. In the spirit of giving back, here are my take aways.

1. Realise and believe in your value

We all have insecurities, moments of doubt.  It can be easy to forget the value in which we each, as individuals bring to an organisation. Take some time today to understand you – what are your passions, what drives you, what do you bring to an organisation and how does this all come together to support an organisation’s mission and strategic direction. The meeting point between a company strategy and your personal talent is where magic happens.

2. Bring your complete self to the boardroom table

We all bring a passion and a personal story to the office. Leverage this as part of your story. For me I am a mum of three amazing children who make me want to work more productively so I can maximise my time with them. I am a women in the workforce who has benefited from the time of amazing leaders and sponsors and have a desire to give back by helping open doors for other women through introducing them to my network, mentoring or sponsoring. I am the sister of two amazing brothers – one who currently serves for the defence force in a leadership role, and the other who defended this country four times, and last year lost his battle with PTSD – and broke my heart. His journey makes me passionate about helping companies and public sector organisations use data to understand and protect their clients and those that they serve and have a complete view of data across multiple organisations to better serve the community. My brothers battle was made more difficult through horrendous experiences trying to access to the care and treatment he needed to stay safe. And knowing that it is possible for data to be shared and insights created to make better decisions fuels my desire to work in the area of analytics. And I am a wife who is loved, and this foundation gives me the permission to leap into new opportunities that allow me to bring my complete self to the work place.

3. Trust that inner nervous flutter.

Too often we “stay safe”, moving into roles which stay true to our comfort zone. Trust that nervous flutter – it means you are comfortable being uncomfortable and stretching your capabilities into new and wonderful places.


So thankyou Inhi for the inspiration. It was the perfect way to end an incredible week.