Partnership by design 2015

By | September 18, 2015

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and IBM. It is an unlikely combination, yet strangely it works. Because at the heart of each entity, there is innovation.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Weeks brings to life the innovative and creative heart of passionate and gifted designers to an event which spring boards the fashion of the season for retailers in Melbourne, and online, to drive more sales for the local economy. And IBM partners with organisations to enable them to achieve innovation each and every day.

This year, the partnership was focused on a number of key elements

1. Delivery of digital experiences, including the assessment of social sentiment, promotion of offers and popular event experiences and engagement of audience

2.  Identification of current and potential new influencers

3.  Leveraged audience and fan data to drive an exceptional experience via targeted eDM and Facebook Campaigns.

4. Predictive analytics of shoe trends in Melbourne

In coming weeks we will share the results achieved and the correlation between understanding and building actionable insights from enterprise and social data, and leveraging this in marketing campaigns through cloud based marketing solutions to drive an improved ROI. As someone who just loves analytics, these results are exciting and it is a joy to be able to share these insights in such a tangible way.

As a marketer, this partnership is particularly exciting as it expands on great food, company, content and entertainment. This event immerses each person into the experience – surrounded by the technical innovation which makes the event happen. Each moment is an example of how innovation is at all our fingertips – we just need to be open to experiencing the wonder of change, and the art of possible.

The reality today is that data touches every moment of our lives – from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep. And each moment, through the utilisation of data, the companies surrounding us can make these moments easier. I am thankful for the amazing (and fun) partnership we have with Lucan Creamer, and the inspiring team at Melbourne Events. It truly is a partnership by design.