Michelle Zamora


I am am award winning data driven marketing leader and business strategist, with twenty years of experience in marketing, sales, analytics and leadership. Tertiary qualified, working across Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India and the Pacific Islands.

I help organisations to create data driven business and marketing strategies and plans, built on customer insights in order to improve customer experience and engagement, along with revenue and profitability. I am a natural leader, passionate about management and talent development and nurturing.

Achievements include
♦ Awards for Cognitive Couture Campaign: Cannes Lions Innovation Nomination, APAC Effie Silver Award and Mumbrella Innovation Award
♦ Publication of AI in marketing blog on both RFI Australian Banking and Finance Magazine, and also republished on Firebrand blog which reaches over 60,000 marketing and digital leaders
♦ Partnering with Melbourne Events to increase social engagement by over 580%, sold out shows by 400% and driving the conversion from facebook response to ticket sales to 11%.
♦ Development and nurturing of talent from new recruits to IBM to members of the current Leadership Team
♦ Partnering with Vivid to create content which drove the highest level of digital engagement with the IBM Brand
♦ Launched IBM Connect to the Australian and New Zealand territories, driving 50% new audience to IBM through the utilisation of data strategies, unique content creation and digital content syndication strategies

After working with me, my colleagues, leaders and peers use the words “leadership”, “Data Driven”, “Disciplined”, “Results Oriented”, “Strategic”, “Creative” and “Fun”.

My current position is Head of Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Banking and Insurance, in Australia and New Zealand, where I demonstrate the ability to lead both industry and solution driven marketing teams and messaging. As part of this role, I also evangelise how CMOs and marketing leaders can leverage AI to transform their role and organisation. This includes via blogs, online content and speaking engagements.

In addition, my personal passion is to partner with the media and key Australian charities to build awareness of the mental health for our veteran community. Most recently I appeared on the Today show to help drive rapid community awareness and engagement with both Government departments and an increase to charity involvement. Today Show Interview